The TESLA group of companies craft energy industry forecasting solutions wherever the energy industry has forecasting problems.

Built on over twenty years of experience crafting forecasting solutions for the energy industry, the TESLA group of companies offer an array of services across a variety of energy resources. Over that time our services have developed a reputation as an industry leader in both forecast accuracy and customer support.

All of our forecasting solutions are built on the unique TESLA Model and backed by a dedicated team of analysts and engineers. The TESLA Model is an advanced regression based model that is designed to be responsive to weather, clock, and calendar variables and is particularly responsive to extreme weather events and holidays. Every model is built and maintained by analysts dedicated to a comprehensive understanding of the area and the resource being modelled, and the reliable and timely delivery of the forecasts generated by those models is ensured by a team of engineers spanning the globe.

Proven forecasting in electricity, gas, steam, wind and solar generation. Short medium and long range forecasting tools to suit wholesale, retail, grid level, custom solutions and quantitative consulting.

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In Asia Pacific:
The offices of TESLA Asia Pacific Ltd are located in Auckland, New Zealand and serve clients in the Asia Pacific region.
Plaza Level, 41 Shortland Street, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Telephone:+64 (0) 9 551 5039
Email: asiapacific@teslaforecast.com

In the Americas:
The offices of TESLA, Inc. are located in Richmond, Virginia and serve clients in the Americas.
9201 Arboretum Parkway, Suite 120, Richmond, VA 23236-5403, USA
Telephone:+1 (804) 612 5450
Email: info@teslaforecast.com

The offices of TESLA (Europe) Ltd are located in London, England and serve clients across Europe, Middle East and Africa.
42-43 Lower Marsh, London, SE1 7RG, United Kingdom
Telephone:+44 (0) 20 7202 8540
Email: info@teslaeurope.com