New Zealand Wind Energy Association

The New Zealand Wind Energy Association (NZWEA) is a membership-based industry association that promotes the development of wind as a reliable, sustainable, clean and commercially viable energy source.

We aim to fairly represent wind energy to the public, government and the energy sector. Our focus is on utility-scale wind generation (generally over 100 kilowatts). We are a central point for information for our members and a trusted voice in the debate about wind energy in New Zealand.

We recognise that wind energy has a key role to play in the future of New Zealand’s electricity generation portfolio to both ensure customer demand can be met and in reducing sector carbon emissions.

We work hard to ensure that New Zealand's world class wind energy resource is harnessed in a responsible and sustainable manner for our generation and generations to come.

Our members include over 40 companies involved in New Zealand’s wind energy sector, including:

  • electricity generators
  • wind farm developers
  • lines companies
  • turbine manufacturers
  • consulting firms
  • researchers
  • law firms

By being a member of NZWEA you are assisting the development of wind energy in New Zealand and helping to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to meet climate change targets.

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