WSP Opus

WSP Opus is a leading multi-disciplinary infrastructure consultancy with global reach and local connections. With unrivalled local knowledge harnessed from 148 years of pioneering the important infrastructure and environments of New Zealand, alongside our world-class technical experts who are part of the 40 communities around New Zealand in which we operate, we know this place like no other. This, combined with our network of 43,000 WSP specialists around the world means that we have the power to generate solutions that question today, imagine tomorrow and create for the future. WSP Opus has been part of New Zealand’s energy landscape for over 50 years including involvement with many of New Zealand’s most significant energy projects.

Within the context of the changing electricity network environment, WSP Opus provides advisory services to network companies to help our clients manage their assets efficiently and effectively, whether that be providing strategic advice, implementing asset management practices, technical expertise, understanding network risk or assisting with regulatory compliance.