David Charlton

Head of Product
Octopus Energy

David is the Head of Product at Octopus Energy NZ, bringing over a decade of expertise in the New Zealand electricity industry to his role. He moved from the UK to NZ in 2011 with a background in Aerospace Engineering, where he started his kiwi career in wind generation before transitioning into energy markets.

David has a passion for driving innovation and bringing new products to customers. His focus extends beyond local borders as he also leads the Flexibility efforts in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region for the Octopus Group. In this capacity, he explores solutions to maximise flexibility that enable cost-effective decarbonisation using the newest technologies available.

Based remotely in Queenstown, David's diverse background shows his commitment to shaping the energy landscape, from wind generation to navigating energy markets. David's leadership at Octopus Energy NZ reflects his dedication to advancing the industry and delivering value to customers in a rapidly evolving energy landscape.