Jade Software

Since 1978, Jade Software has been designing, building, and supporting innovative software for organisations in the financial services, telecommunications, retail, specialist logistics, and energy sectors.

Jade’s breadth of expertise is unmatched. The secure data-sharing Registry system, which sits at the heart of the energy market, was built by Jade in 1998, and the company continues to maintain and enhance this. For individual energy clients, Jade’s team of 240 expert passionate people, work on enterprise architecture, data integration, and innovative projects like the user-centered design and rapid development of market-leading digital apps and software.

By investing in research and development, and collaborating closely with customers, the team at Jade has spent nearly 40 years breaking new ground and innovating across the globe. Jade’s offices are located in New Zealand, Australia, USA, UK, UAE, the Netherlands, and Indonesia.

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