The Energy Sector's Annual Strategic Forum

Downstream 2018 will be held on the 12th - 14th March 2018 at the SKYCITY Convention Centre, Auckland.

Downstream 2018 features four main events - the Network Managers' Forum, the Strategic Summit, the Downstream Technology Conference and the Downstream Customer Conference.  



The countdown has begun, NZ Downstream 2018 returns in March next year and we have some exciting new announcements.

In addition to the main two-day Downstream Strategic Summit, the 2018 format includes the new Downstream Technology Conference and the new Downstream Customer Conference. An obvious evolution given that tech and customers are two massive drivers of change in the energy...

We'll be back here shortly to update you on progress for Downstream 2018. Our Advisory Panel meetings have been absolutely fascinating.

Also, we've recently spotted an interesting article written by one of our speakers from this year's Downstream.  Check it out for yourselves in a 'quiet moment'. I don't think everyone will agree with all the sentiment, but it raises some interesting...