Standards New Zealand

Standards New Zealand is an independent business unit within the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). We are New Zealand’s leading developer of standards and standards-based solutions. Standards New Zealand brings together key stakeholders to create a range of standards and standards-related publications such as handbooks, technical specifications, and codes of practice. These are developed by expert committees using a robust, transparent, and collaborative process. This consensus-based approach ensures standards solutions are practical, relevant and widely recognised and supported. 

Standards are agreed specifications for products, processes, services, and performance. They are generally voluntary but can be mandatory when cited in Acts, regulations or other legislative instruments. Standards provide potential solutions to issues, resolve problems, provide a means of compliance with legislation, and create commercial benefits such as trading opportunities. Standards solutions save time and money, foster innovation, offer effective alternatives to legislation, and build support for best practice using a consensus-based process.

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