Luke Blincoe

Chief Executive
The Energy Collective

The Energy Collective creates and scales digital startup companies to disrupt global energy markets, and owns Electric Kiwi (NZ) and ReAmpedEnergy (Aus). Electric Kiwi has been the fastest growing electricity retailer in New Zealand for over 3 years. In 2018 Electric Kiwi won the Deloitte fast 50 as the fastest-growing company in New Zealand and was NZ Energy Retailer of the year in 2018. ReAmped began trading in mid-2019 in Queensland and NSW. Electric Kiwi has 60,000 customers in NZ and ReAmped has 10,000 customers in Australia. Blincoe has previously held executive positions within New Zealand gentailers working across Residential, Industrial and Metering roles. Blincoe has been a vocal advocate for regulatory reform and isa member of the Innovation and Participation Advisory Group (IPAG) of the New Zealand Energy Authority.