Programme 2019: Overview

Downstream 2020 will be Downstream version 2.0 as we challenge ourselves to create a even better event in Wellington.  Announcements will be made shortly.

In the meantime, the 2019 event programmes are set out below.


Click on each event to view the full 2019 programme from the last conference:

Mon 4 March 2019 Tue 5 March 2019 Wed 6 March, 2019
Network Managers'
Strategic Summit
Day One
Strategic Summit
Day Two


Downstream 2019 featured an exciting line up of speakers, providing debate and discussion on the key issues facing the energy sector.  It featured five main events:

- Monday 4 March 
Held during the afternoon before the main Downstream conference, the forum brings together New Zealand’s network managers and their teams to discuss important sector trends and opportunities.  This complimentary event is open to all network staff involved with managing, designing, operating and building New Zealand’s transmission and distribution systems.

Tuesday 5 March and Wednesday 6 March
The two-day Summit focuses on the important energy sector opportunities covering generation, transmission, distribution, retail and regulation, preparing the sector for the new energy future.

For Downstream 2019 the Strategic Summit also includes two sub-events providing specialist focus and attention on the two key areas of customers and technology:

  • Wednesday 6 March 
    The New Zealand energy market is changing at a rapid pace which promises to transform the way we consume, manage and think about energy.  Following its successful introduction in 2018, Downstream 2019 again features a technology-focused event to highlight the opportunities and challenges accompanying the technology revolution.
  • Wednesday 6 March 
    New Zealand is characterised by having one of the most competitive retail environments in the world and the battle to obtain and retain customers is forcing innovation in the retail sector.  As technology evolves, new energy options and better customer relationships provide an opportunity for the industry to deliver value beyond the price point.  The Downstream Customer Conference showcases trends and developments to put the customer at the heart of your organisational strategy.

 - Tuesday 5 March 
The Downstream Dinner:  Sponsored by TechnologyOne, this was the best networking function at Downstream.  The Dinner featured a three-course meal followed by a evening of entertainment and socialising.  Hon Dr Megan Woods, Minister of Energy and Resources spoke during the evening.


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2019 Programme Downloads

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CLICK HERE - to download the PDF brochure for the 2019 Network Managers' Forum