Programme 2019: Downstream Customer Conference

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The Downstream Customer Conference showcases how those in the energy sector can utilise developments in technology and new energy options to enhance better customer relationships to enable the industry to deliver value beyond the price point.

Learn how to make the most of your customer's journey and deliver exceptional customer service that will put your brand at the forefront of the customer's mind.  Focusing on:

  • Quantifying the value of exceptional experiences
  • Putting the customer at the heart of your organisation
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Marketing automation, behavioural analysis and data driven insights





Registration and coffee



Welcome from the Chair

Hayley Carthy - Director, Halcome Consulting



International keynote: Delivering on the expectation of premium customer experience 

  • Providing an exceptional customer experience – hallmarks of successful long-term CX strategies 
  • Defining the “who” and “why” rather than just the “how” – turning your strategy into more than just a roadmap 
  • Essentials for delivering a premium experience – getting the basics right with people, process and technology 

Charles Weiser – Head of Customer Experience – Digital Consumer Group, Optus 



Behavioural science and the energy business 

Behavioural science can help the energy sector to better understand customers in the contexts of affordability, competition and new energy technology choices, while also requiring policymakers and regulators to take a more sophisticated approach to promote and protect consumer welfare.  

Lee McCauley – Senior Adviser, The Behavioural Insights Team

10.10am Morning break & refreshments 


Smarter marketing – The importance of delivering on customer experience through tech application  

How working with platforms like Facebook and Google means you need to be customer centric when designing your online presence  

Understanding how emerging tech and AI can be used to deliver CX – what is the impact for your brand and how to create customer centric solutions  

Current applications – what’s possible now that won’t disrupt your existing platforms: integrating tools into your customer strategy 

Steve Dimakis - Group Media Partner, Strategy Media



Driving competitive advantage through exceptional customer experience 

  • Carving out competitive advantage in an overcrowded retail market – why personalisation is key to winning the hearts of consumers 
  • Harnessing real-time analytics to deliver greater customer value – how much data is too much and what does your customer really want to know? 
  • Beyond “turning on the light” – understanding how to connect your customer’s hearts and keep them engaged 
  • Reducing churn and increasing value without breaking the bank – easy wins and long-term investment in the customer 

Matt Bolton - GM of Profitable Growth, Contact
Tom Probert - Head of Sales & Marketing, Powershop
Matthew Ogier - Customer Experience Manager, Powerco


Lunch break



The era of the subscription economy and the impact on energy retailers 

  • Diversifying portfolios to prevent churn and moving into digital platforms beyond energy – is this the future for the sector? 
  • Utilising subscription-based models to augment existing customer data 
  • How subscription services can produce better customer experiences, enhance retention and ROI 

Grant Torrie - Sales Velocity



The changing wants, needs and opinions of your customers 

Energy companies must use the latest research to focus their business.  With customers more connected than ever, attitudes and behaviour can shift rapidly.  Key areas for the New Zealand energy sector include: 

  • The biggest socio-economic trends 
  • Attitudes towards technology, EVs and low carbon transport 
  • Shifting positions on climate change and other social issues 
  • The energy behaviours between market segments. 

David Talbot – Executive Director, UMR Research



Driving the customer engagement journey | Mercury App 

  • Diving into the approach implemented by Mercury on their customer experience path 
  • Creating loyalty and reward programs such as Mercury dollars, to deliver better transactions with customers 
  • Assessing the Mercury app journey – where are they now and what lies ahead? 

Julia JackChief Marketing Officer, Mercury


Afternoon break & refreshments

All delegates move to the Main Plenary room for the last two sessions.



International insight – meeting community expectations as an energy sector 

How do we ensure that we ‘collectively’ as a sector are doing right by our communities, especially in the world of ‘new energy’?  Nevenka was the initiator and a driving force behind The Energy Charter, an innovative whole-of-sector initiative that brought together energy industry CEOs from across the supply chain to develop a common vision and set of commitments for the industry so as to deliver better outcomes for all. 

Nevenka Codevelle – Chair of The Energy Charter & Group Executive Governance, Risk & Legal, APA Group



Warning - Provocative content for those working in an energy business 
The future of energy – gradually and then suddenly 

Rod Snodgrass brings 20 years of telco experience to the energy sector, experiencing the greatest revolution to the industry since the invention of the telephone. With the influx of new technology, an energy revolution is on the horizon, which will have winners and losers. Snodgrass gives insight into what’s ahead, the importance of investing in R&D and aligning your strategy to become a leader in changing tides. 

Rod Snodgrass 



Closing remarks from the Chair and end of conference.