Matt Hockley

Sales Manager
Vector - OnGas division

My journey over the last decade in the energy industry has been based at Vector, working in the OnGas division retailing natural gas and LPG.  My role as National Sales Manager has involved managing our gas customers needs, ensuring that we are providing our customers with not only great service, but the ability to access information and tools that will allow them to make informed decisions regarding their gas requirements on both a day to day basis as well as strategically.  The focus is not about providing a commodity, but shaping how we do business with our customers that provides value.  This has also involved ensuring that we create offerings that match our customers changing requirements in a market that is constantly changing.  Previous to Vector my background has involved senior positions in the IT and telecommunications industry in the UK, launching products into new market segments and countries in the UK and Europe.  There are many parallels that can be drawn between these sectors and the energy industry.  The Downstream Conference has provided a great forum over the years for sharing industry knowledge and having robust discussions around challenges that present themselves to the industry.  With the large amount of change that is currently occurring in the industry it will be great to explore the challenges and opportunities this change will create at the 2019 Downstream Conference.